Course Introduction
This platform will recommend the course that suits you according to your needs. Amongst which, you can also choose the courses that you are interested in.
We are offering three types of courses here, including “Mindful Living”, “Compassionate Living”, and “Balanced Living”.
Mindful Living
Knowing that we can’t go back to the past doesn't always keep us from indulging in the unpleasant past;
Knowing that worrying doesn’t help solve anything, rarely prevents us from worrying about the future.
Hustling and bustling, we often seem to be lost in the maze of all that's happening in our busy lives, lacking direction and clear purpose......
Sometimes we want to "live happily" and feel that we are "not positive enough", wanting to get rid of the undesirables, and grasping tightly to what we desire. While busy with all the things we “should” do, perhaps we haven't had the opportunity to learn to live in the present and accept ourselves.
In the Mindful Living course, you will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of practices, including learning of how to observe your bodily sensations, emotions, and thoughts that appear in the present moment. Through observing the body and mind state, we learn to realize the fact that things are constantly changing and nothing is permanent. We also learn to let go of maladaptive clinging and attachment and clearly observe our strengths. When we let go and observe without judgment, we are more likely to experience true tranquility and respond effectively to every obstacle and challenge.
Compassionate Living
When you fail or make mistakes, do you attribute it to incompetence?
Do you often criticize yourself and withhold forgiveness from yourself?
Do you think living a life of constant self-blame can really motivate you to do better? Or is this more likely to leave you feeling frustrated and miserable?
Many of us are our own worse critic. We believe we can be more efficient and perform better by constantly criticizing ourselves and demanding more from ourselves. The fact is, our mental health and productivity can be dampened by constant self-blame and criticism.
In the Compassionate Living course, you will learn how to be kind to yourself and understand that failure and mistakes are a normal part of being a human being. The course will also help you to cultivate a heart that is more open to accepting the positive and negative emotions you experience. When we can care for ourselves in moments of suffering with kindness and compassion and have grace for ourselves when we make mistakes, this helps to reduce stress, anxiety, fear, and frustration, and enables us to achieve our goals.
Balanced Living
Would a negative comment from someone be enough to make you stay awake all night?
Would making an email typo be something you can’t let go of?
We often don’t realized how stressed we are completely overwhelmed.
If you pay attention, you will find that stress gives us warning signs as early as it starts to form. Because they might be very subtle and not easy to notice, we may miss these signals if we are not paying attention. At the same time, the busyness of life may distract us from catching the early warning signals of stress. We may use "worry" and "escape" to deal with stressful events, but you know what? We can actually learn some more effective ways to manage the stress in our lives.
In the Balanced Living course, like running several small “experiments”, you will explore and test different coping skills in a variety of situations to help you formulate a coping plan that best suits your unique needs.