Mental illness and mental health

A majority of people wrongly believe that he or she possess mental health because of the absence of mental illness. So, could a person who is living with mental illness possess good mental health?
If I do not have a diagnosis of a mental illness, does it mean that I have a good mental health?
Obviously not! Just as some people who are living with mental illness, they may also have a meaningful life with satisfaction and direction.

In contrast, some people without mental illness might be living a life without purpose and direction. They go to work simply just for showing up. This is obviously not mentally healthy.
Even though our friends, family and we live without a diagnosis of a mental illness, our mental health might not be desirable.

In fact, mental health and mental illness can be present in the same time. You may wonder how is it like to have mental health while living with mental illness. Let's explain it with two simple examples.

Story 1:
Jackie is a professional accountant in Hong Kong. He has never been diagnosed with any kind of mental disorder. To many people, Jackie, a rich and successful young person, is someone they would want to become.
But then, having to work around the clock, Jackie found himself too busy to enjoy life. He has no hobbies and feels himself somewhat not connected with anyone, he sometimes even finds it dull to live a life.
Story 2:
Joey often feels depressed and anxious. Yet, when she is not well, she knows that she could talk to her friends and share her struggles. Joey actively participates in her area of interests and develop her career according to her mission and passion, despite the fact that she is more prone to sadness and worries.
Joey seems able to maintain herself smiling, chipper, functioning, and at the same time, depressed and anxious.
Though one is diagnosed with mental illness, he/she work productively. He/she knows what kind of life he/she wants to have, and is living with meaning. At the same time, he/she contributes a lot to society. Thus, he/she is said to possess good state of mental health.
Even though one is not diagnosed with mental illness, he/she lives a life without meaning and satisfaction or does not make contributions to the society. Thus, in this situation, he/she might probably not have a good state of mental health.